RISCOS programs available at rojemo.net

This directory contains some programs for the Acorn RISC OS. All programs have been written for an A5000 with RISC OS 3.1, but they will probably also work on other versions. Do not expect updates here, I don't use my A5000 much these days. All files except cpp.tar.Z are sparkives.
AS1_26b Latest release of !AS, a simple aof-assembler. The file contains binaries, source and the necessary files for integration in Acorn DDE.

cpp.tar.Z A simple preprocessor that is used in nhc. A binary is included in nhcBinLib.

nhcBinLib The necessary binaries and libaries to run nhc on an A5000. Nhc is a Haskell compiler, or at least something quite close to one. This is an old version of nhc, for a more recent version look at nhc98 which is updated to follow Haskell 98. However, nhc98 is as far as I know not tested under RISC OS.

nhcLibP Extra libraries for nhc that makes it possible to compile for heap profiling. This libraries are for the above binaries.